Dianne Brill Is Reclaiming Her Time

Gaultier goddess. Mugler muse. Danceteria diva. What makes an It Girl most? In the case of Dianne Brill it’s her everlasting ability to connect with people. When you meet her, you instantly fall in love and feel like you’re a part of her world. And make no mistake, her world is where everyone wants to be. The fact that she’s a glamazon, business woman, television host, mother, and now DJ (thanks to The Muses), all just endear you to her more. She seemingly does it all, and has the most fun doing it.


Dianne recently celebrated her birthday at Club Room where she took the stage at her own One In A Brillion party and played to New York luminaries Snoogy Brown, Jill Stuart, Dolly Fox, and Dustin Pittman alongside nightlife’s next generation glitterati including Blair Spicer, Dexter Driscoll, Melissa Rich, and Josie Dupont. (Photos by Mark Minton)


Find out what’s next for Dianne in a recent interview she did with Jack James Busa of The Muses.